Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Still Being Used by Over a Million People Worldwide: Report

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Still Being Used by Over a Million People Worldwide: Report

Samsung’s reputation may have taken a huge hit in doing so, but the company announced the worldwide recall and halt of sales of the Galaxy Note 7 due to explosion cases associated with the smartphone. The South Korean company even urged its customers around the world to switch off the device and hand it back to the company for a refund, in order to ensure user safety. However, according to a latest report, over a million people like the device enough to continue using it despite the associated risks.

A large chunk of Galaxy Note 7 users have decided to not return their device as they either can’t find a suitable replacement; like the device’s features too much; or don’t want to go through the replacement process, reports South Korean publication Korea JoongAng Daily. It might come as a surprise but the users are neglecting their personal safety despite the company itself cautioning them about the potential risks of keeping the device.

Some users are reportedly waiting for company’s next flagship device and are refusing to ‘downgrade’ from the Note 7. However, besides the obvious risk of explosion, there are other complications associated in keeping the device. First, the refunds and exchange program started by Samsung for the smartphone will end soon, with December the deadline for initiating the refund in many countries.

Further, many airlines have banned the device, and some countries will fine you heavily if you are caught travelling with it. Apart from the reasons stated above, the after-sales service for the device is a dead-end as the company has halted the smartphone’s production altogether.

If personal safety was not reason enough, rationality suggests that there are enough reasons to return the device. It should also be noted that by continued use of the Galaxy Note 7, users are not just risking their own safety, but also the safety of those around them.