ZTE’s Project CSX Unveils 3 Concepts – Eye-Tracking Smartphone, Smart Glove, and AR Diving Mask

ZTE's Project CSX Unveils 3 Concepts - Eye-Tracking Smartphone, Smart Glove, and AR Diving Mask

ZTE introduced its Project CSX challenge to crowdsource ideas for new products last month. The company has now finalised three new ideas in phase two of Project CSX, and wants people to submit their concepts for the announced ideas. The company will then build the selected idea into a product.

The Chinese telecommunications giant believes that it can build a self-adhesive smartphone which will come with optimised user interface via eye tracking system and will also come with split screen technology. Another interesting idea is for a Power Glove-like wearable that is programmable. It can help users to learn hand movements by simple instructions that are provided by Android-based apps. Lastly, ZTE unveiled the concept of an interactive diving mask which will offer an immersive augmented reality experience to users.

Users can submit their concept ideas for the three products till September 30 and the company will conduct votes from October 1 – 10. After selecting the final product, ZTE claims that it will try to introduce the product in 2017.

ZTE says that the smartphone concept is focused on user privacy. One of the highlights of the phone will be the self-adhesive polymer that can stick to any type of material whether wall, or other pieces of furniture. The eye tracking system said to feature in the phone will consist of two laser-focusing cameras, one on the top and one on the bottom. The two cameras will capture user’s pupils’ movement in a vertical dimension. The split screen feature is suggested for user convenience and security. It will let users experience different content on the same screen with the help of the dual directional viewing LCD.

For Powerglove, ZTE believes that it will provide a platform for developers to write apps that can automate hand movement.

For the augmented reality mask, ZTE says that users will be able to use it both regularly as well as under water. The mask will be waterproof with IP67 certification and will equip UHD display to broadcast image captured by two cameras located on the front of the device. It will be able to record video as well as take photos under water as well.