3 Tips for Finding the Most-Affordable Analytics Degree Online

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If you’ve been searching for the most affordable analytics degree online, you’ll no doubt have noticed that most programs are quite pricey. However, there are many affordable online analytics programs out there, even at the graduate level. If you know where to look, you should be able to find a high-quality program with affordable tuition. The three things you need to do to find such programs including looking for in-state public universities, checking for affordable out-of-state public universities, and researching the institutional financial aid offered by each prospective school on your list. Read on to learn more about finding the most affordable online analytics degree programs.

Look for In-State Public Universities

One of the best ways to find an affordable online analytics program is to look for in-state public universities. Public universities usually have much cheaper tuition than private institutions, and in-state students have cheaper tuition rates than out-of-state students at most public universities. Many large public universities will have analytics programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. If none of the public universities in your state offers an analytics program, the next step is to check out public universities from other states.

Check for Affordable Out-of-State Public Universities

As previously mentioned, most public universities charge students from another state much higher tuition rates than in-state students, at least until these out-of-state students gained residency. However, many public universities make an exception for online students. At these institutions, online students from another state pay the same tuition rate as online students from the same state. While the majority of public universities do not do this, the number of public universities that do offer in-state tuition to non-resident online students is increasing as competition increases in the online education space.

Research Each School’s Institutional Financial Aid

All legitimate online institutions of higher education will offer government-backed student loans for students who have submitted a FASFA. While government aid is similar across all of these institutions, each school will have some scholarships that are unique to them. These scholarships are often funded by the school’s alumni. You may be able to get your analytics degree for less if the school you are considering offers an institutional analytics scholarship. Most schools have a page that lists all of the institutional scholarships they offer. If not, you can always contact the school’s financial aid office.