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Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) is a payment system based on the Aadhaar number and enables users to make financial transactions. With this system, basic banking transactions can be performed like balance enquiry, cash withdrawal, payments using only the Aadhaar card number (linked to the bank account) with the help of an AEPS distributor.

Any individual who wants to starts Aadhaar banking business can associate with one of the service providers of the AEPS service and take their franchise becoming an AEPS agent. In the crowd of so many Fintech companies, it is very difficult to find a good fit that is both reliable and trustworthy. One of the known names in the industry, Biznext has been in the industry for 10 years and is constantly bringing new services every day.

Features of AEPS:

  • There is no need of Debit and Credit card, Only Aadhaar number and fingerprint authentication is required to do the transaction.
  • Easy and quick way to do banking transaction.
  • Encourages financial inclusion in the underbanked area of society
  • The transaction settlement are done on Real time along with the commission
  • Its safe and secure system

Benefits of Becoming an Biznext AEPS agent

  • It’s a minimum investment with maximum return business
  • Growth in existing business- more customers with add on of service
  • Requires only Smartphone with Internet connection and a Biometric Device
  • Attractive commission on every single transaction
  • Easy, safe and quick process, takes less than a minute to do the transactions
  • Utilisation of Cash in hand
  • Commissions are transferred on real time basis
  • Get services like Money Transfer, Recharge, Micro ATM & 50 other services

How does the Biznext AEPS system work?

To get started with the service, the individual needs to go to the Biznext website and complete the sign up process in a few simple steps. Once the registration is done, the AEPS distributor can start offering the services under the Biznext franchise.

  • The agent needs to connect the biometric device to the smartphone
  •  The Agent/distributor selects the transaction type like balance enquiry or cash withdrawal
  • The customer then verifies himself by doing the thumb print on the AEPS device
  • Then the transactions takes place and the AEPS distributor gets the commission on real time
  • The AEPS agent gets the transaction receipt and the customer gets a confirmation message from the bank.

Anyone can join Biznext network with a simple AEPS registration form that needs to be filled, and increase your income multi fold!