Choosing the best powder coating equipment

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Buying powder coating equipment is a long-term investment. Therefore, you need to ensure that the product you are choosing is worth the value of your money. You do not want to buy a piece of equipment that will break down before you are done with the work. Quality is always the key factor when buying such an item.

Here are the most important factors to consider:

The area you intend to powder

If you have a large area that needs to be powdered, you will have to buy a large piece of equipment. This will save you time because using small equipment to powder a large area can take a long period.

Amount of space for new machinery

Remember, your coating equipment will require safe storage. This means that you have to consider whether you have storage for new equipment. If you do not have storage, it is best to find one before buying the item. You do not want your new equipment to be stolen shortly after purchasing it.

Parts to coat in a day

If you intend to do commercial powder coating, it is your wish to work on a large area as much as possible. This means you will need to buy a large powder coating system since it will increase your productivity. a small piece of equipment would only coat a small area, and this means your daily productivity will be low. However, if you only need to coat small parts in a day, you do not want a large system.

Cost of the equipment

Before you buy any equipment, it is always advisable to consider your budget. There are many dealers in the market that will sell you the same item at different prices. Therefore, you should not buy the firm equipment you come across in the market. Maybe you could get the same thing at a lower price. Hence, it is important to window-shop or ask for recommendations. This will allow you to choose one that suits your budget.


Whenever you decide to buy any equipment, it is always advisable to focus on quality. If you buy poor-quality equipment, it might stop working within a short period. For instance, if your gun is not working, it means you will not be able to make money through powder coating. Before you powder coat, you have to charge the power so that it can stick to the surface before you cure it. This process requires a working gun. Hence, you need to ensure that you are buying good quality equipment. In some cases, cheap is considered to be expensive. This means that you should not rush in buying the cheapest equipment in the market.

The best part about buying this equipment is that you can easily get a size that will fit the most common items that always need powder coating. All you have to do is identify the items you will be coating in the future. This will make it easy for you to choose the right size of equipment. You do not want to buy one that will not fit your items.