Facebook Marketing Advertising For Affiliates: 4 Steps For Neophytes

Facebook is not only a popular affiliate marketing option, but it is also an innovative platform to promote your products and services to your target audience.

Facebook is not only a popular affiliate marketing option, but it is also an innovative platform to promote your products and services to your target audience.

If you’re new to Facebook marketing advertising, it’s crucial to learn the basics on how to create and establish your brand through it. So it’s needed to check online course reviews before getting started.

In this post, you’ll learn about Facebook marketing advertising and its impacts on your affiliate marketing strategies. Check out this step-by-step guide:

1. Create a Good Facebook Business Page

The first step when creating a Facebook Business Page is to fill out the basic business info, so click on the ‘Business or Brand’ box and enter your page name, address, phone number. You’ll also be asked to select the right category for your business.

Next, you’ll be prompted to add a profile (170 x 170 pixels) and cover photos. Your profile photo will appear as the icon every time you publish in Your Story and News Feed or comment on a post.

Here are some helpful tips when creating a Facebook Business Page:

  • Your cover photo (820 x 462 pixels) appears on top of your page. Use Canva to deliver a great visual element. It should be able to draw attention or elicit emotion from your visitors. Uploading a cover video or featuring an image slideshow is also a good idea.
  • Add your website and affiliate URL, business phone number, location (physical store), and business hours on your page details which will appear on the ‘About’ tab.
  • Create an easy to remember the username.
  • Add a prominent call-to-action or CTA button below your cover photo so your Page visitors can learn more about your brand or send you a direct message.
  • Customize using the ‘Templates and Tabs’ to configure the look of your Page.
  • Add collaborators for Your Facebook marketing campaign.

2. Publish Your First Facebook Post

Publish a post to add the first content to your Page. Always make sure that you post new and fresh content to entice more followers and keep your customers engaged.

You can post any of the following:

  • Status Update (e.g., new prices, promotions)
  • Photo
  • Link
  • Event
  • Milestone (e.g., new branch, new product line)

3. Set up and Manage a Facebook Ads Account

Go to the Facebook Ads Manager or the Business Manager, and choose ‘Campaigns’ tab to create your first Facebook ad campaign. It’s crucial to make your ads appealing and engaging to entice users to visit your Page and your website.

Here are the steps to advertise on Facebook:

  • Choose an objective. It should be aligned with your business goals.
      • Create brand awareness
      • reach or expose your ad to more people
      • drive traffic
      • engagement
      • app installs
      • lead generation
      • conversions
      • video views
      • catalog sales
      • drive more store visits
  • Name your campaign. Choose to turn on the budget optimization which is helpful for multiple ad sets.
  • Set up an ad account. Enter your key account details such as your country, time zone, and preferred currency, then click ‘Continue.’
  • Target your audience by adding a custom audience. You can target by age, gender, location, and language. The eye-indicator (right of the screen) gives a sense of your ad’s potential reach).
  • Choose Facebook ad placements. Automatically place your ads on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and Audience Network with automatic ad placements. Other ad placement locations include a mobile device (iOs or Android), device type (mobile, desktop), and sub-options (e.g., feed versus Stories).
  • Set a budget, such as a lifetime or daily budget, and schedule post live or future-dated.

4. Create an Ad

Yes, you can make money on Facebook. First, choose a format and enter the media and text components of your Facebook ad. Next, use the preview tool to ensure proper placement and click the ‘Confirm” button to submit. Wait until you get an email notification from Facebook if your Facebook ad has been approved.

Check out the types of Facebook ads you can create:

  • Photo ads
  • Video ads
  • Carousel ads (use up to 10 pictures or videos showcasing your product or service)
  • Slideshow ads (create short video Facebook ads from existing video clips or still photos)
  • Collection ads (showcasing one or more products)
  • Instant Experience ads (full-screen ad format which loads 15 times faster as compared to a mobile website)
  • Lead ads (applicable for mobile devices to encourage newsletter subscriptions or signing a user up for a product trial)
  • Dynamic ads (promote targeted products to interested customers)
  • Messenger ads (e.g., photo ads, carousel ads, video ads,  and dynamic ads set to appear in Facebook Messenger).