Google Search Trends Reveal The Types Of Businesses Americans Want To Start Most

Story image for Business Trends from Forbes

From Waikiki beach in Hawaii to the North Woods of Maine, Americans of all backgrounds are dreaming small. Small business, that is. Every month, thousands of Americans go online looking for information about how to start a specific type of small business. Whether it ends there, with a single search, or ultimately produces the next Vera Wang, Bobby Flay or Dr. Dre, we can count the seeds in so many imaginations, and better understand the entrepreneurial dreams of so many Americans.

According to research conducted by Digital Third Coast and Bid-On-Equipment, Americans are most interested in starting clothing lines, restaurants, food trucks and record labels. Few surprises there. But what about group homes, daycares and t-shirt companies? Would you have guessed those would be in the top 20?

The relative volume of search for certain types of business is also quite surprising. There’s fashion, there’s food, then there’s everything else. There are more people researching what it takes to start a clothing line than all the people researching catering businesses, trucking companies, bakeries, construction companies, and real estate agencies combined!