A Guide to Buying Pre-Owned Office Furniture

Running a business is hard work. Comfortable office furniture can go a long way toward boosting the productivity of your employees. Comfortable office furnishings can also be expensive, though. Quality used office furniture that’s clean and stylish can be had at a much lower cost. Keep reading for more information about the benefits of purchasing used office furniture.


Pre-owned office furniture can be bought for a fraction of the price of new office furniture. Many companies that are invested in keeping a high public profile buy the latest desks, chairs and tables from companies like Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, Knoll and Allsteel every time these manufacturers come out with a new product catalog. These companies’ existing furniture may still be in excellent shape, however. You can save a lot on operational expenses by giving such used furnishings a new home.


When you buy pre-owned furniture, you are also doing your part to help the environment. When wooden furniture is taken to a landfill, it can take decades to break down, and any chemicals that have been used to treat the wood will be released right into the earth. The situation is even worse for office furniture products that have been manufactured out of plastic. Furnishing your office with used cubicles, desks and chairs is striking a blow for sustainability.

Quick Delivery

It can take weeks for that new furniture item to be delivered to your office. Businesses that broker in used furniture will typically deliver your purchases much more quickly because they’re anxious to clear their stockrooms for fresh inventory.

Tips for Buying Used Office Furniture

You’ve got a lot of options when it comes to buying used office furniture. In most cases, the turnover is far higher than it is with new furniture, so if you don’t find the pieces you’re looking for the first time you go out shopping, wait a week and come back.

Inspect your potential purchases carefully. Make sure they’re made of durable materials, and that they’re ergonomically sound. Your employees will be spending a lot of time with this furniture, and you want to make sure you keep your workers as comfortable as possible so that they’ll do their best work for you.