Maharashtra Farmer Under Rs. 27 Lakh Debt Allegedly Commits Suicide


Maharashtra Farmer Under Rs 27 Lakh Debt Allegedly Commits Suicide

The 38-year-old farmer had taken loans from credit societies for his grape orchard. (Representative)

Nashik: A farmer who was under a debt of Rs. 27 lakh died after allegedly consuming poison on November 11, the Nashik police said today.

Vithal Lahanu Jadhav, 38, had taken loans of Rs. 27 lakh from various credit societies for his grape orchard and was unable to repay them, Nashik Rural police official said.

Mr Jadhav was admitted to a local hospital after his alleged suicide attempt but died on Sunday, the official added.

A note recovered by relatives, allegedly written by the farmer, which mentioned the Rs. 27 lakh loan as well as the man’s anxiety over repaying it, has been handed over to police.

“We have registered a case of accidental death and are investigating further,” a police official said.