This Is Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working (And What You Should Do Instead)

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Every time I log into Facebook, I’m hit with a barrage of ads telling me that if I just buy this or that course teaching me how to master digital sales funnels, demand generation, YouTube advertising, or whatever-fill-in-the-blank-marketing method happens to be the latest trend, I will be able to grow a nine figure business that I can run from a hammock in Thailand. Obviously there are quite a few people out there who are receptive to these sorts of appeals. They’re the kind of folks who started a blog when blogging was at its peak, moved over to Snapchat when that was in the headlines, and are now hustling hard on Instagram. True believers in the all-encompassing power of marketing. You might be one of them.

But here’s the thing…

It doesn’t work.

Yes, I realize this may be a strange thing for someone who makes his living by running an agency to say. But it’s true. All the time that businesspeople spend chasing that golden combination of marketing activities that will finally solve all their problems is a total waste.

Here’s why.

Marketing Trends Are Always Wrong

A few years ago when blogging was the hot new thing in marketing circles, I did a talk I knew might make a few people mad. I stood up in front of a hundred business owners, managers, and marketing executives and asked a question.