Preparing Homemade Goat’s Milk Soap for Market

Goat’s milk soap is gaining lots of popularity in farmers’ markets, crafting fairs, and boutiques. As people continue to discover how incredible hand crafted goat’s milk soap is and how hard it is to find in big box stores, they are quickly turning to local vendors for this amazing product. For the soap maker, this means diligently preparing for the shows and fairs as they rapidly approach.

Dressing Up Plain Bars

While the soap is already a great product, adding beautiful accents to the bars draws in far more attention. These accents could be flowers, patterns (made with colors, molds, or dusting them with brown sugar), herbs, or any other variety of environmentally friendly and biodegradable items. These unique, one of a kind bars truly sell themselves.

Applying Attractive Labels

Once the bars are wrapped up in protective packaging, they will need a label. Soap makers can design custom labels online that display the company’s name, the type of soap that is contained within the package, an ingredient list, and the scent. Many soap makers also include the location or web address of their store, a phone number, and even which goat the milk originated from.

Crafting Unique Gift Sets

Soap gift sets make excellent gifts when the holidays arrive! Try assembling soaps in a variety of scents into a small crate with some straw; this is a cute, rustic gift idea for every soap stand. If specialty lotions, body washes, and hair products are also produced, these items would be great to add to the gift set.

Assemble Samples

For the newer soap maker who is not receiving a lot of business just yet, assembling samples is a great way to distribute products to generate loyal customers. Many people will gladly accept a sample of virtually anything, which is a risk free way for potential customers to give the products a try.

Once all of the soap is wrapped, labelled, and boxed, it’s time to head off to the next event and set up shop!