Savings app Digit can now help you pay off your student loans


Debt is as American as baseball, apple pie, and the Norman Rockwell conception of life in this country that refuses to die despite all of the evidence that it only existed, briefly, for a very small group of people. Digit — the automatic savings app that deducts small amounts from your checking account and deposits them into an account you designate — has decided to get further into the debt game. Now, you can use the app to pay off your student loans.

As the company notes, most college seniors graduated with student debt (in 2017, per its numbers), and the average American household with student debt owes nearly $50,000. The student debt crisis is in full swing: approximately 45 million people owe $1.5 trillion, which makes student loans the kind of workaday, onerous burden that everyone feels.

Digit can help you pay down at least some of that debt painlessly in the same way that the app does everything else. All you have to do is link your student loan account to Digit, set a loan goal, and then quite literally forget about it. Truly, better living through technology.

This isn’t Digit’s first foray into the wide, unforgiving world of financial obligation. The company has previously applied its technology to credit card debt, which 75 percent of Digit users have. It’s almost enough to make you wonder when it’ll take on medical debt! But maybe it won’t have to, because, hopefully soon, we’ll have Medicare for all.