small business owner in the digital age

As a small business owner in the digital age, it makes sense to utilize technology to its fullest capacity. When it’s used in the correct manner, technology can literally lead to increased profits and more productivity. It can also streamline and simplify a lot of work that would normally take months to complete. If you’re not tech-savvy and would like to transition your company to more tech-friendly solutions, consider taking these steps to get things started.

1. Go paperless.
Not only is this a kind option for the environment, it also forces you and your employees to rely on the efficiency of your technology. With this knowledge, it’s best to keep all devices current and updated. It’s also important to make sure that your employees understand the value of a paperless business and get on board.

2. Use apps.
There are tons of apps for productivity, file-sharing and more. Consider building an app that’s specifically for your company operations and your employees. Companies like AveriSource can help with code analysis and languages. If you don’t understand the basics of C+, Java or as400 modernization, consider using a company’s expertise. Instead of trying to spend time learning and applying it, accept the help and services of those who know how the basics and beyond.

3. Hire an IT employee.
Your IT employee is someone who you’ll want to have in-house. This is especially true when you’re working on projects that involve a lot of moving parts. If this is a small business, the IT employee might be someone who’s on call. However, it’s still important to have one on staff to ease the burden of managing that side of the business.

4. Try different services.
When you use technology to operate the business, you can widen the scope of people you employ. In this case, your art director doesn’t have to be in your state. While it’s ideal, the most qualified candidates might live two states away. In this case, they can work remotely. If you ever need to have a conversation with them, you can use services that allow for teleconferencing. When there are specific files to share, you can send them through Dropbox or other file-sharing services. When this happens, you have a better chance of retaining excellent employees and producing amazing work.