Small Business Trends And The Entrepreneur’s Search For Simple Software

I’m fortunate that I attend many conferences these days as a keynote speaker, but occasionally, it’s nice to not be a speaker and just absorb. Recently, I had the chance to attend the ICON conference in Phoenix, walk around and connect with others, and talk to entrepreneurs about their struggles instead. Plus, ICON is one of the top entrepreneur conferences, so as an entrepreneurial junkie myself, it was a great way to get my fix.

As I talked with small business owners and entrepreneurs at the event, the biggest challenges I heard over and over again revolved around increasing sales. These entrepreneurs had a passion for their craft and for their products, but they didn’t always know how to tie that into their marketing — and it was leaving their sales stagnant.

The people I spoke with aren’t the only ones struggling, either. While I was at the event, I was given the 2017 Small Business Marketing Trends Report with the following data: