Stigo Bike review

Following an initial reveal back in 2013, the Stigo Bike is now available to buy from select retailers in the UK. The electric scooter/bike hybrid offers a great, fun and efficient way for city dwellers to get around without relying on public transport or cars. With speeds of up to 15mph and the ability to fold down in two seconds flat, the Stigo Bike could be the ultimate vehicle for those that live and work in busy towns and cities.

Does the Stigo Bike have what it takes to be crowned the best electric bike of 2018? Find out in our review.


The Stigo Bike isn’t the cheapest electric bike/scooter on the market, that’s for sure. It costs around £1,449 in the UK, and can be picked up from a variety of specialist retailers including e-Goes, Universal Store London and Speedy Feet. Those in the US can also pick the bike up for around $1,399 from the likes of Bikemania and Kukara.

For reference, that’s around the same price as the Volt Alpine electric bike that can be used on UK roads without requiring insurance, tax and other official DVLA paperwork.


Trust us when we say that you won’t have seen anything quite like the Stigo Bike before, both in terms of design and functionality.

The Stigo Bike is generally quite small when compared to similar bikes and scooters on the market – so small, in fact, that you might think you’re a little bit big to ride the bike, but it’s generally not the case. Despite a relatively small frame and small tyres, it was comfortable enough for us (at 6ft2) to ride over long distances without any issues.

You’ll find a wide, plastic seat on the bike that does look a little unwelcoming at first glance. But surprisingly, it’s actually more comfortable to sit on than the majority of bike seats – it’s wide and flexible, and provides enough ‘give’ that you don’t get uncomfortable very quickly. This is accompanied by fixed pedals that give you a nice platform to rest your feet on when riding.

On the handlebars, you’ll find a twist-throttle to control the amount of power provided by the electric engine, along with brakes on either side and a horn button. Yes, that’s right, the Stigo Bike has a built-in horn and believe us when we say it’s as loud and terrifying as a car horn (especially when you accidentally hit the button!).

Just below the handlebars is where the smart stuff is housed; you’ll find not only a large black display that’ll show you how fast you’re going and your current battery life, but a special anti-theft feature.

When you first turn the bike on, you’ll see a little white light appear on the display, but the bike will be largely unresponsive. The only way to unlock the bike is to do so by tapping the provided RFID tag on a dedicated area on the display unit. Though we wouldn’t chain up the bike and leave it (in London, anyway!) it’s a nice touch for safety-conscious bike owners out there.