Tessenderlo Group SA: Free Company Information

Tessenderlo Group functions as a chemical corporation. The Corporation offers water treatment chemicals, industrial solutions, and liquid crop fertilizers. This Group serves clienteles worldwide. The company has preferred to emphasize those industrial segments in which this group can become the leader in the world.

60% of the Tessenderlo Groups products are field products that we can find out in almost all parts of our daily life. From food to building, from medicines to computer parts. It is this variety and interrelationship between product outlines that bound the influence of changing market conditions. Let’s now know in details about the company

An Overview Of Tessenderlo Group:

Tessenderlo Group

With a past that precedes to 1919, Tessenderlo Group company has grown over current years from a company for chemical into an expanded manufacturing group that emphases on valorizing bio-residuals, agriculture, and offering industrial solutions to others.

Tessenderlo Group is a groundbreaker in a maximum of its marketplaces with 4,644 individuals employed at over 100 places across the world. They mainly serve clienteles in food, agriculture, construction, industry, and consumer & health goods end marketplaces. Tessenderlo Group understood a combined income of 1.6 billion EUR in the year 2018.

Activities of Tessenderlo Group:

The group’s actions are sectioned into 4 working segments: Bio-Valorization, Agro, T-Power, and Industrial Solutions.


This section combines the company’s actions in the by-product processing of animals and it also comprises PB Leiner (collagen peptides and gelatins) and Akiolis (production, rendering, and also the sale of fats and proteins).


This section is active in the manufacture and publicizing of nutrients of the crop (like SOP and liquid crop nourishments, and also sulfate of potash) as well as crop guard products.

T-Power Segment:

The T-Power section comprises the joint cycle gas turbine, which is also familiar as CCGT with a 425 MW volume in Tessenderlo, Belgium.

Industrial Solutions:

This section covers actions providing products and also solutions to the manufacturing end-markets. Such thing comprises the manufacture and auction of water conduct chemicals, plastic pipe arrangements (DYKA Group), and also other manufacturing activities, for example, the production and also sale of industrial and mining chemicals, and also the transport of facilities for the action and removal of fracking water (ECS), and also services that allow the on-the-spot optimization of the environmental control systems (MPR).