Training Horses is a Risky Business

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Horse trainers stake their reputation on their ability to transform a thousand pound animal which has never been ridden into a quiet and dependable mount. This process is not usually easy, and even the most experienced trainer knows it can be dangerous. Horse owners are often able to do basic training, but they usually call a professional when it comes to saddling and riding their inexperienced youngster. Horse trainers also get requests from people who have a horse needing a refresher in the spring after a winter break. Most horses will soon remember their previous training and settle into the former routine of trail rides and an occasional show.

Most equine professionals know how important it is that they carry horse trainer insurance. While the knowledgeable trainer is able to read horses well enough to avoid getting thrown off, there are no guarantees that it will not happen. The sport of horseback riding is inherently risky, and there is no way of predicting when a large and powerful animal will react in a negative way. When a professional horse trainer is contacted by a client wanting to bring their horse for training, they must get as much information as possible about the history of the animal. There may be no specific problems that need to be addressed, but some horses do have serious behaviour issues. This is where the trainer must decide whether taking a particular animal into training is too risky.

Most young horses respond well to a knowledgeable trainer and can be ridden safely within a couple months. Before the owner takes the horse home, the trainer should give the owner a few lessons to make sure the owner and the horse are communicating properly. The owner should use cues and riding techniques as close to the trainer as possible. This will help the green horse understand and respond appropriately, and the pair can begin to develop a positive relationship. The trainer should make sure the equine insurance policy he owns includes coverage for riders who are are given lessons on riding their newly trained horse. This can be a high risk time since the horse and rider are learning to work together, and the owner may be nervous about riding his horse for the first time. The horse will sense the lack of confidence and may react in an unpredictable way.