Upcoming Webinar Will Teach Powerful Software Management for Business

10 Manufacturing Software Products to Make Your Small Manufacturing Business More Efficient

Are you still using paper to track and manage the job costing of your contracts? Or worse, are you using an application which wasn’t designed for this purpose?

If you want to improve the workflow of this aspect of your business, Scott Gregory is going to hold a webinar to teach you how to use QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise for jobs and job costing.

Gregory is going to be covering the basics of these applications as they apply to job costing. Topics will include adding a job, handling profits and loss, creating job reports, recording unbilled costs, creating a job estimate and much more.

Gregory has 30+ years and more than 20,000 hands-on hours working with QuickBooks. He is a Certified QuickBooks Advisor for the Pro, Premier, Enterprise and Online versions