Walmart Prime Day Deals: The Best Smart Home Sales

When it comes to Prime Day, Amazon isn’t the only game in town anymore. Everyone wants in on this mini Black Friday in July—and Walmart is no exception.

While the other retailers might not be able to offer the same rock-bottom discounts that Amazon can offer on its own branded hardware, stores like Walmart still have plenty of smart devices that can go toe-to-toe with Amazon. Here are a few of the best:

Google Nest Hub

The Nest Hub is Google’s answer to the Amazon Echo Show and, honestly, I think it’s a better device. It can do all the same things that the Echo can—control your smart home, give you visual updates on your day ahead, display video from connected security cameras, stream music, conduct web searches, and a lot more. The difference here is that it does it all with Google Search instead of Alexa. As much as Amazon wants Alexa to be in every aspect of everyone’s life, the majority of people use Google almost exclusively for search and directions. That’s a huge chunk of personal data that the Nest Hub can leverage to improve and personalize its responses. After all, Google knows where your hairstylist is and how long it’ll take to get there. Alexa? Not so much.

Right now, the Nest Hub is at an impressive 47% off, pushing the price to $79. It also comes with 3 free months of YouTube streaming music.

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Google Home

Google’s answer to the Amazon Echo is the Google Home. In functionality, I find it to be just as capable as the Echo speakers. You can stream music, manage your day, operate your smart devices, and leverage Google’s much more capable search database. The trade off with the Home is that you can’t voice shop on Amazon or access the Prime music library. Those are the two things that I use my Echo devices for the most (other than setting kitchen timers). However, if you’re not wedded to the Amazon system, there’s no reason not to grab the Google Home speaker at this sale price of $69.

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Google Home Mini

Want to try out Google Home speakers, but don’t want to shell out $70? Try a Google Home Mini. It does all the same things as the larger version, but is currently only $25, that’s a 49% savings over its regular retail price. The Mini can fit just about anywhere and is extremely handy.

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Roku Ultra 4K HD Streaming Player

If you’re looking for a streaming alternative to get 4K and HD video to your not-so-bright television, the Roku Ultra 4K HDR Streaming Player comes with a large variety of streaming channels as well as access to premium channels (and you get a 30-day trial to most when you sign up). Plus, in what might be my favorite feature of any streaming device, the Roku also comes with a remote that you can use with a pair headphones. That’s right, no need to get wireless cans or search around the back of the TV for a headphone jack, just plug the included JBL headphones into the remote and your audio will stream from the Roku straight to the remote. It’s perfect for when you want to binge watch after everyone’s gone to bed. Right now, you can grab the Roku Ultra 4K for $69 (reduced from its normal $99 price). Just make sure you order before, you guessed it, Prime Day finishes.