30 eBay Apps To Help You Run Your Business

Have you tapped into the potential eBay apps can offer your store?  There are apps to manage everything from shipping to finances. And you can use these apps to lift some of your burden in these areas, increase sales and keep your customers happy. These apps can save you time and effort that can take away from the central focus of growing your eBay business.

Below is a list of 30 eBay apps that have gotten some good reviews.

Shipping and Payment eBay Apps

after ship

ShipSaver Insurance

ShipSaver Insurance offers a solution for adding shipping insurance on all your sold items. You can either purchase insurance in bulk or offer an auto purchase option for your buyers.

After Ship

After Ship is designed to auto track all your shipments and notify customers when their order is in transit, on the way or delivered.

Ki Tracking

Ki Tracking is supposed to help you keep track of what packages need to be sent and what their status is. This eBay app is customizable and automatically notifies your customers about the status of their orders.

Ki To Do

Ki To Do adds a gadget/widget that notifies you when items need to be shipped or are being bid on and it gives you various other status updates.

Auctane Shipping Manager

Auctane Shipping Manager boasts speeding up your shipping process with label printing right from eBay in bulk. The app developers say it can also combine orders into a single shipment, import orders from other sites, and more.

Endicia International Advisor

Endicia International Advisor is an eBay app designed to notify you about the cost, delivery standards, and restrictions for the mail class and destination you are shipping to.


MyStoreMaps adds a customizable map to your listings showing the different locations you have shipped to. The app is supposed to allow customers to see at a glance where you have shipped to and how experienced you are.

Marketing and Merchandising eBay Apps


WWW Domain 4 My Store

Search for as many domain names as you want from one screen with WWW Domain 4 My Store. Once you find one you like, paying, registering and pointing the domain is automated through one click and PayPal.

Storefront Pro

Storefront Pro is an eBay app with the goal of updating your eBay store with a modern and clean design. There are multiple theme and header options, and you can upload your own logo and images.


With multiple templates to choose from, Webstore provides tools to create a professional looking, customized storefront. Webstore also boasts being able to drive traffic to your listing from search engines.

Froo! Smart Social

Froo! Smart Social is a tool for posting items you have for sale to your Twitter and Facebook. Posts can be sent out automatically, individually or in bulk.

Terapeak Keywords

Terapeak Keywords is an app for optimizing the keywords used in listing titles. Enter in the item you are selling and get a list of related keywords and the average, maximum and minimum prices for each.

Finance and Accounting eBay Apps



Outright automatically organizes your eBay sales and expenses and helps you prepare for tax time. You can import more than a year’s worth of history from your PayPal account and get quarterly estimates of what you will owe in taxes.

Back Office Live for eBay

Back Office Live for eBay boasts the ability to optimize your eBay workflow. The developers claim the app can keep track of your inventory, CRM, costs, email marketing and more.

Inventory eBay Apps


Simple Inventory for eBay

Simple Inventory for eBay downloads all of your listings and allows you to organize your inventory; tracking the total number of units on hand, total values of inventory and the total selling price of your stock.

Quantity Manager

Quantity Manager allows sellers to apparent scarcity of their items by maintaining a low inventory across all your eBay listings. The app can send out emails when quantity levels are running low then refresh quantity levels of your product within six seconds of making a sale.

PDF Catalog

PDF Catalog embeds your eBay items into a PDF file, creating your own catalog for your eBay store. You can use this catalog to present what your store offers to customers.

Listing eBay Apps

froo crosssell

Listing Analytics

Listing Analytics is designed to optimize your listings. This eBay app is supposed to show how your listings rank in search results and to identify your best and worst performers.

Froo! Cross Sell

Froo! Cross Sell uses scrolling galleries to gain more exposure for your items. Customers viewing one item can see other items in your inventory, increasing the chance of multiple sales from one customer.

S SB Item Showcase

S SB Item Showcase also features an active scrolling item showcase. Customers see up to 32 items in your inventory. There are 20 different gallery designs to choose from and multiple ways to customize your showcase.

123 Show

123 Show provides tools designed to make your product photos stand out. Features include zoom, 360 spin, video, and swatching.

InkFrog: Lister and Manager

Inkfrog: Lister and Manager boasts a long list of features. The app manage multiple eBay IDs, eBay messages, pictures and orders. The app also provides cloud storage for listings, a template builder and one step listing.

Marketplace Analyzer

Marketplace Analyzer monitors your competition and other top sellers daily so you know how much your competitors make daily, where they are making their money and what products turn the highest profits.

Price Spectre

Price Spectre seeks to keep you ahead of your competition with automatic repricing. This eBay app monitors your competitors prices and adjusts your listings to stay ahead.

Customer Support eBay Apps


Feedback Pro

The Feedback Pro app lets you create your own feedback messages to be automatically sent when your buyers complete a payment.

Currency Converter

Currency Converter embeds into your listing page and is intended to let buyers calculate item prices and shipping rates in any currency they wish.


OneHourTranslation adds a translation widget to your listings for the convenience of potential customers you may speak another language are unable to read your listing.

Ki Feedback

Ki Feedback is a fully automated feedback system. Developers say the app also allows you to send custom HTML messages as either a reminder, a thank you or for marketing purposes.

Simple CRM for eBay

Simple CRM for eBay is promoted as a way to create a custom CRM (customer relationship manager). Customer contact information and buying history are organized into a PDF report letting you review this information at a glance. Then there are email marketing features for creating messages to clients.

Feedback Reminder

Feedback Reminder sends buyers automated reminders to leave feedback. Reminders can be scheduled either at the time of purchase or when items ship.

A few helpful eBay apps could make a big difference in how you manage your eBay store. Save yourself time, effort and frustration is one plus, of course. But more importantly, you can use apps to create a better experience for customers of your eBay store. This will hopefully lead to more sales for you in the long run.