You Don’t Do Marketing. You Live It.

I talk to a lot of businesses that don’t know what they’re doing to market themselves. Actually, scratch that. I talk to a lot of businesses who can’t tell me what marketing is in the first place. To their minds, it has something to do with social media or videos or advertising or calling people to hiring more sales folks or writing blog posts but they’re just not entirely sure…

…and that’s why they’re blowing it.
It’s not that their marketing isn’t working, it’s that they don’t really understand what marketing is, or how it works, or why it works, or anything else. It’s pure chaos, and it’s pure failure just waiting to happen.

Here’s the key to this problem. Marketing and advertising are actually pretty easy concepts to understand. They’re any activity that puts your business in front of the people who pay your business money. It’s really that simple. When you speak to anyone in your target demographic about your business, you’re marketing it. When you write a blog post. Record a video. Change your packaging. Change your logo. Change your elevator pitch. Approach a bank for a loan, or an investor for a funding round. All of these are marketing activities, because they expose you to the public, and they change the public’s perception of you in some way.

In the modern world of marketing, it’s really got nothing to do with the way we used to think marketing happened. It’s actually about understanding where you have or can have a touch point with your audience, your key customers, and then refining that touch point. So a marketing campaign must take into consideration any and every space where your business is exposed to the people who care about what you do.


Loknath Das

Loknath Das

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