Facebook for Messenger for iPhone Gets Extended 3D Touch Support

Facebook for Messenger for iPhone Gets Extended 3D Touch Support

Facebook Messenger has finally got extended 3D Touch functionality. Till now, you could browse through the main Facebook app efficiently with ease with the help of the pressure-sensitive display, but wide support was lacking in the Messenger app – only its home-screen icon provided ‘Quick Actions’ 3D Touch functionality.

Users can now use 3D Touch within the Facebook Messenger app to Peek and Pop, getting a quick preview or access to information like contacts, conversations, photos, videos, stickers, links, and locations as a result of the latest update by the company.

To recall, Peek feature allows the users to get a small preview of the content with firm press on the screen. The Pop feature opens the entire content onto the screen and is used with the help of a even firmer press on the screen. The updated app is now available via the App Store.

Apple first announced its 3D Touch feature in its smartphones iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus last year in September. The company was optimistic about the implementation of 3D Touch by various app developers; however, there has hardly been any significant progress on that front. Various apps, from time to time, have included more features that can be assessed through 3D Touch but the technology has not seen a considerable adoption rate.

On Friday, Facebook announced in its blog post that it is testing a new feature it calls “secret conversations,” which uses end-to-end encryption.