Five Dallas Business Trends SMBs Across The Country Should Watch

Every city has its own business scene with traditions, practices and trends specific to that area. In some cases, though, a regional movement takes off and begins to spread to other major cities. In Dallas, for example, workforce shifts and greater interest in tech startups reflect what’s happening in many entrepreneurial communities across the country.

We asked a panel of Forbes Dallas Business Council members about some local trends that should be on every small business’s radar, regardless of location. Their best answers are below.

Members share their thoughts on SMB trends.Photos courtesy of the individual members.

1. Increased Freelance Hiring Among SMBs

LinkedIn found SMBs account for 40% of all hiring in the gig economy. This is certainly the case for DFW small and medium-sized businesses. The driving factors are technology, remote work and cost savings. In the same survey, 93% of gig economy workers, contractors and freelancers said they would work at a small business again. DFW SMBs plan to keep hiring freelancers. – Craig J. Lewis, Gig Wage

2. Growing Interest In Tech Startups

There is an absolute hunger in Dallas for startups, tech and entrepreneurship. Most people think of Dallas as a bunch of strip malls and chain restaurants. Dallas is a dynamic city that has massively evolved over the last decade with a deep emphasis on local that has completely reinvented itself and is an amazing place to start a business and be part of a community. – Ben Lamm, Hypergiant