How Homeowners Can Prevent Toilet Related Disasters

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It’s every homeowner’s nightmare: finding out that the toilet has malfunctioned and has flooded half of the house. Rather than having to deal with this level of damage, or even just an out of order toilet at the very least, homeowner’s can take preemptive actions to keep their toilets safe, fully functional, and clean for many years to come.

Never Flush Hygiene Products or Other Foreign Objects

Truthfully, nothing other than human waste and toilet paper should ever be flushed. However, many women and men flush hygiene products, cigarettes, paper towels, cotton swabs, and much more. Since the items seem to go down fairly easily, it is assumed by many that it is okay. What they don’t realize is that these items can cause blockages on down the line, and will continue to build up. Eventually, even if it is years later, they will have to call a Tampa FL plumber when the sewage lines in their home begin moving very slowly. A blockage could happen anywhere along the line, causing multiple drains to become slow.

Use an Enzyme Treatment in Septic Tanks

For those who have septic tanks, it is important to take care of the tank and all of its flora and fauna. Chemicals that kill bacteria and natural enzymes should be kept to a minimum, as these microscopic populations are responsible for breaking down the sewage. Using an enzyme treatment will help to boost the population of beneficial bacteria and fungi, helping to keep the septic tank from backing up. Those who are tapped into a sewer system don’t have to worry about a septic tank though.

Check for Leaks & Minor Repairs Regularly

Once per month, the toilet should be checked for leaks. Water lines should be dry, as should the floor around the toilet. There should be no leaks once the bowl and tank have filled after flushing. The bladder should float over the tank’s water; if the bladder is sinking, it is likely taking on water. A small leak can cause lots of damage over time. If a problem is found, it is important to repair it immediately. If a plumber is needed, this gives the homeowner time to set up an appointment so that they can get the cheapest rates for the repair.

Having to call a plumber in the middle of the night or during a weekend is a dreadful thought. Not only will it be hard to find a plumber during those hours, but the ones available will charge more than the rates charged during normal business hours. With a bit of maintenance and attention, hopefully a midnight service call will not be necessary.