Implied Huawei P9 Digital camera Pattern Became In Fact Taken by $four,500 Digicam Setup

Implied Huawei P9 Camera Sample Was In Fact Taken by $4,500 Camera Setup

Huawei published a image (visible above) few days returned on Google+ with the caption that said its smartphone P9’s dual Leica cameras “make taking photographs in low mild situations like this a satisfaction.” The picture regarded amazing and with outstanding element especially for a smartphone Digital camera.

Because it seems, it Became too desirable to be authentic in any case.

From the caption, it regarded pretty clean that the employer Turned into insinuating that the picture Became taken via the Digital camera on its phone Huawei P9, in spite of now not simply announcing so. However, there was system really worth round $4,500 (roughly Rs. three lakhs) at the back of taking the photograph.

Google+ continues the EXIF records – which incorporates the Digital camera call and version – for any photograph uploaded at the web page and it Become mentioned by using Android Police’s David Ruddock that the photo Was taken from a Canon EOS 5D Mark III with EF70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM lens that collectively fee around $four,500.

After Ruddock highlighted the issue, the business enterprise eliminated the photograph from social networking websites and answered by pronouncing:

“It has these days been highlighted that an photo published to our social channels Changed into now not shot at the Huawei P9. The picture, which Changed into professionally taken even as filming a Huawei P9 ad, Became shared to inspire our network. We realise although that we need to were clearer with the captions for this picture. It Turned into by no means our intention to deceive. We apologise for this and we have removed the photograph.”

If a organisation heaps praises approximately its smartphone’s Digital camera and posts a picture along side it, the photograph is certain to be related to the phone. Even though Huawei claims it Was a case of blend-up, it’s far tough to agree with that the advertising and marketing group Turned into now not looking to pass off the photographs as taken by means of P9’s Camera setup