iPhone 8 to Feature Wireless Charging, Says KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo

iPhone 8 to Feature Wireless Charging, Says KGI's Ming-Chi Kuo

The iPhone 8 rumours are picking up speed and the latest one again backs previous claims of wireless charging support. Noted KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has reiterated that the iPhone 8 will support wireless charging.

Kuo notes that wireless charging adapters will be bundled with just the premium models, and the base model buyers will have to buy it as an additional separate accessory. The wireless adapter will be of the same design structure as the inductive pad used for charging the Apple Watch currently. Kuo also confirms that iPhone 8 will sport a glass back to ensure fast wireless charging speeds with minimum disruption from frequency interference.

This is not the first time that the iPhone 8 is tipped to sport wireless charging. An early leak claims that the new wireless charging feature will let the upcoming iPhones get charged from a distance of about 15 feet which means that users won’t need to place the iPhone on a wireless charging plate, like we’ve seen with wireless charging technology so far.
The iPhone 8 is additionally tipped to sport a bezel-less curved display with OLED screens. However, Apple is said to be having difficulty in producing mass OLED screens, and so it might just introduce it exclusively on premium variants. The Home Button is expected to be entirely eliminated from the device, and will be replaced with an onscreen button. It is also tipped to sport a faster new A11 processor, and a new Touch ID system for unlocking the device and paying via Apple Pay.