Moving Your Business Forward in Style

When you are busy focusing on operating a small business it is easy to get caught up in production, sales, and managing the staff. Unfortunately, this often means you have overlooked, or simply don’t have the time to worry about, the little details like how your building looks to others. Your clients will develop their first impression from what your building and offices look like. Use these tips to quickly and affordably spruce these areas up.

Outside Appearances

Before a client even comes inside they are forming an opinion of you. Keep walkways swept, and take the time to wash down doors and clean windows frequently. You can add a welcoming touch by placing a rug just outside of the door as well as plants. Greenery can beautify any outdoor area. Place potted plants on each side of the door, and keep landscaping tidy.

A Fresh Interior

Many small business have a reception are as well as one or two small offices just inside the front door. Coordinate all of these spaces by painting the walls in a neutral color with a coordinating hue for trim work. Make sure all trim and doors are in the same color. The production area doesn’t need to match, as people understand this isn’t a formal area.

Professional Image

Although using odds and ends of furniture is budget friendly, it may not look professional. You want to invest in desks, chairs, and storage solutions that match. You can find very affordable pieces among the office furniture Beaverton Oregon has to offer from retailers like Office Furniture Direct. Coordinating pieces automatically create a business like atmosphere.

By cleaning things up with a fresh coat of paint and some special touches of home, your business will appear warm and friendly to your clients. First impressions are important, and you don’t want your surroundings to reflect poorly on your business. Best of all, these simple changes will make your work space feel more comfortable.