Next iPhone’s Lightning-Powered EarPods Spotted in Leaked Video

Next iPhone's Lightning-Powered EarPods Spotted in Leaked Video

Apple’s upcoming iPhone offering has been subjected to many leaks, and the latest comes in the form of a video that appears to confirm the arrival of the Lightning EarPods. The video shows the accessory in action, and reveals how seamlessly it works while connected to the Lightning port.

The video has been released by YouTube channel EverythingApplesPro, and it shows the Lightning EarPods being inserted into an iPhone device. Instead of the 3.5mm audio jack, the new EarPods attach to the iPhone via the Lightning port and work in the similar fashion as the old sound accessory. Users can pause and play music, turn the volume up and down with the remote control access on the EarPods.

This refutes past claims of an adapter being bundled alongside a regular 3.5mm audio jack-based EarPods. If true, it remains possible the adapter will be sold as a separate accessory for those who wish to continue using their old accessories.

The iPhone launch event is expected to be somewhere around September 5 or 6, and pre-orders to start on September 9. It is largely expected to be called the iPhone 7, however a recent report suggested that Apple will call it the iPhone 6SE due to its minimal design changes. The iPhone 2016 is expected to come in three variants, the new one being a Pro variant with the Smart Connector and dual camera setup. Apple is also expected to kill the 16GB base storage variant, in favour of a new 32GB base storage option. A 256GB storage option is also expected to be introduced.