Professional Assistance In Establishing and Managing Employee Benefits

The list of possible employee benefits your company can offer to full-time employees is long. Hiring the professional services of an employee benefits management team is a way to provide these desired extras without the typical hassles of maintaining the records and policies.

Health and Life Insurance

Open enrollment periods, contract negotiations, and new employee health insurance policies can seem daunting to establish and maintain. Professional employee benefits administration Florida like ACH Corp is one way to make this task simpler. You can have all health and life insurance benefit policies handled by experts that specialize in employee benefits management. You can feel confident that you and your employees are getting the best health and life insurance available.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance is an additional coverage that your employees can carry that protects a portion of their income if they suffer a qualifying illness or injury. Employee benefits management experts can gather all needed information from your employees and sign up those that are interested in the benefits. It is an added perk that your employees will appreciate.

401(K) Management

Offering 401(K) retirement savings plans are a great way to attract talented people to your business. Many potential employees are looking for the best benefits packages possible before committing to a job. You can have the benefits management team handle all of the details.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment

No one likes to think in terms of accidents that cause death or serious dismemberment, but offering these types of benefits are helpful to employees that have children in the home that is dependent on the salary of a parent. It is a benefit that goes above and beyond the basics of disability insurance.

Employer Contribution Billing

Another benefit of using the services of employee benefits management experts is that your employer contributions can be conveniently billed to you. It allows you the freedom to concentrate on other areas of the business, yet provide a great benefits package to your employees.

Offering your employees terrific benefits is easier than ever before by using the expertise of employee benefits specialists. It is an investment you can feel good about.